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Pinkfresh Studio September Stamp, Die, Stencil, and Hot Foil Release

Hi everyone! Welcome to your next stop on the Pinkfresh Studio September Stamp, Die, Stencil, and Hot Foil Release blog hop.

Flowers, flowers and more flowers! This release is all about beautiful florals. I’ve got just one project today so I won’t keep you too long, you’ve got more inspirational posts to get to. Let’s get started.

I began with two new beautiful stencil sets, Garden Roses and Lush Peonies on Neenah solar white 110 lb. cardstock. I used Pinkfresh oranges for the roses: Peach Fuzz and Apricot. For the peonies I used: Ocean Breeze and Aquamarine. I doubled up Peach Fuzz and Ocean Breeze and used it on two layers because I didn’t want the bordering blooms to be too dynamic. For the leafy branches for both of the designs I used Fresh Pear and Grassy Knoll. When I was done ink blending I used the Garden Roses and Lush Peonies stamps and Detail Black ink, to stamp the outline of the images. I prefer to stamp over ink blended images rather than before inking them up, it’s a really subtle difference but I like the look of it better. Then I die cut them out with the accompanying dies and set them aside.

Time to play with that beautiful Inna’s Alpha design! Soooo pretty, right?! I used the 6-piece stencil first on more white cardstock. The letters were blended on with Soft Lilac and for the flowers I used Ocean Breeze, Aquamarine, Mermaid Cove and Fresh Pear and Grassy Knoll were used for those little leaves. Again, I used the Inna’s Alpha stamp set to lightly stamp over the blended image. Then I die cut them out with the accompanying die and started arranging my letters and the flowers around them.

I had to do a little fussy cutting, (I don’t think I’m very good at it, so I really tried to do as little as possible) but once I decided on the arrangement I used a big section of Press-n-Seal laid down over it all to pick it up, flip it over and put foam tape (2 layers) on the back of the pieces that were close to the center of the card. That way after they were glued down (yes I also used glue on the foam tape to wiggle it a little bit), and it was time to use my scissors to cut off the parts of the blooms that extended past the boundaries of the card, I wouldn’t have to cut through foam tape too.

Oh! I almost forgot! Before I started gluing everything down I ink blended a little Soft Lilac around the edges of the base piece then used Pinkfresh’s Argyle stencil to put some of my favorite glitter gel (Ranger’s Stickles Moon Dust) down. The Let’s Get Together Soon sentiment came from the equally beautiful Dahlia Bunch stamp set. With that glitter in the background and all of the colorful flowers I decided bling would have just been too much. So, I was done.

I hope that some of these design choices have inspired you to make something new today. Thanks so much for coming by!


Just before me in the blog hop lineup was Angela Simpson and next is Carissa Wiley! If you’d like to see the lineup from the beginning you can head back to the Pinkfresh Studio blog page. But before you go…


-Pinkfresh Studio will be giving away the full release on the Pinkfresh blog & YouTube channel.

-They will be giving away a total of TEN $25  gift cards along the hop. As per usual with blog hops – the winners will be picked from the comments.

They will be pulled and posted on October 5, 2021 on our GIVEAWAY PAGE. You must check that page and claim your prize within 2 weeks.

-Pinkfresh is offering free US shipping on all orders $75+ from September 27th to October 3rd.

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  1. Susie Sonnier

    WOW! Your card is so beautiful.

    1. Luanne Ford

      Beautiful creative border! Very pretty with these new florals!

      1. Anne

        Thanks Luanne!!

  2. debbie d

    that is one stunning card! love the colors and how you arranged the flowers!

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much!!

  3. lisa kinnear

    Your cards are always such an inspiration. This card is just so beautiful. Definitely need that alpha set.

    1. Anne

      Oh great! Thanks Lisa!

  4. Mary Kay Ross

    So beautiful! I love this new release and your work is inspiring!!!

    1. Anne

      That’s so kind of you, thank you!!

  5. Michele F

    Anne, the Stickles always get a workout starting with my Halloween cards, and straight through the New Year! What an ingenious idea to use that stencil for ‘straight’ lines!
    Such a gorgeous card – who could resist such a beautiful invitation?

    1. Anne

      Hi Michele! Thank you!!

  6. barbara lassiter

    Beautiful and the alphabet is so perfect with these designs!

    1. Anne

      Thanks for coming by Barbara!

  7. SusanMcL

    Your flowers are lovely on that unique background. So pretty!

    *I did comment just now, but it didn’t post for some reason, I hope this is not a duplicate!

    1. Anne

      Hi Susan! No worries! Thank you so much!!

  8. Beverly U

    A gorgeous card! Love the mix of florals!!

    1. Anne

      Thank you Beverly!

  9. Alexandra Y

    Such a stunning card!! I love the floral frame you created!

    1. Anne

      Wonderful! Thanks Alexandra!

  10. Retta Lutte

    Stunning card! I really NEED that alphabet!!!!!!

    1. Anne

      It’s a beautiful alphabet! Thank you Retta!

  11. Sarah Stewart McCorkle

    I love how you used all this different florals to frame the sentiment. Gorgeous!

    1. Anne

      Thank you so much!!

  12. Danyelle Dillon

    Pretty! Gorgeous Stunning very colorful card! Love it so much! Thanks for sharing your work with us! I love these hops!

    1. Anne

      Ha! I’m so glad you’re having fun! Thank you!

  13. Debby Hildebrant

    Very sweet cards. Such fun colors. Thank you for your inspiration

  14. Michele W

    Beautiful card. I love the soft colors you used and the touch of glitter gel in the background that adds a bit of texture but doesn’t take away from the rest of the card. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much Michele!!

  15. Daria Zender

    I just love all of these pretty colors together on your card! Such a wonderful design, too!

    1. Anne

      Oh yay! That’s wonderful. Thank you Daria!

  16. Gail Spresser

    Beautiful card using the new PF alphabets. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Anne

      Thanks Gail!!

    1. Anne

      Thank you so much Chery!

  17. Avra Williams

    So pretty!

  18. Anna M

    Love this card! How you’ve used all the floral sets with the Alphas! Stunning!

    1. Anne

      Thank you Anna! Once you start ink blending flowers …well, there’s really no reason to stop. So I had a lot.

  19. KimK

    Great design! I love the glitter in the background! NICE!

    1. Anne

      Wonderful! Thank you!

  20. Peggy Pighetti

    Awesome card so colorful and cheery! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much for coming by Peggy!

  21. Carol Celeste

    So very pretty.

    1. Anne

      Thank you Carol!

  22. Lindar C

    Beautiful card! I love everything in this release.

    1. Anne

      It’s the flowers, right? Thank you!

  23. Meghan Kennihan

    Gorgeous flowers I love the colors! Such a fabulous release! The lettering is sooooo cool too!

    1. Anne

      Thanks Meghan!

  24. Lori Spitzer

    Dear Anne,
    This is such a beautiful card. I love how you colored the flowers on each letter. Isn’t that Inna Alpha set phenomenal? Love it!! Your card is lovely!
    Lori S in PA

    1. Anne

      Hi Lori! I’m so glad you like my card, thank you!

  25. Jennifer Whitehurst

    The sparkles are very cool – never seen that before. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Anne

      Ooo, it’s my fav. glitter gel. I love it! Thanks for coming by Jennifer!

  26. Marisela Delgado

    Your cards are always spot on. So beautiful! I always love your cards!

    1. Anne

      Hi Marisela! Thanks so much lady!!

  27. Lisa McDonald

    What an amazing release. I am so excited for the solid hot foil plate. I now have a way to use all my ‘negative’ pieces Ive been too frugal to toss. Its absolutely brilliant.

    1. Anne

      Oh, I just got a hold of it and am still exploring with it. But I’ve got some ideas. If you like to foil you should seriously consider picking it up, it extends your choices as a creative, which is always good. Thanks for coming by Lisa!

  28. Helen E.

    Lovely, lovely creation Anne! I especially liked how you used the Stickles with the Argyle stencil. I never would have thought to do this. TFS

    1. Anne

      Oh, I’m so pleased you like it. Thanks Helen!

  29. Heather Rogers

    Absolutely stunning! I love the pastel color palette. 🙂

    1. Anne

      Thank you Heather!

  30. Beth caruso

    I want to hold this card in my hand and look at it from all the angles … WOW

    1. Anne

      I appreciate that so much, thank you Beth!!

  31. Beth caruso

    Beautiful… you know what would be amazing … if the winner of the blog hop recd the card from that post …

    1. Anne

      Beth! You’re making me laugh!

  32. roxanne tellini

    Awww this one is sweet!

    1. Anne

      Thanks Roxanne!

  33. Cyndi Morris

    Gorgeous, colorful card — love it!

  34. Jeannie Boudet

    Love the colors of your card. simply gorgeous!

    1. Anne

      By the time I was done inking up those stencils, my table was FULL of ink pads! Thanks for coming by Jeannie!

  35. Amy Cooley

    All this amazing color makes me giddy! Wonderful job on your card and beautiful new products from Pinkfresh.

    1. Anne

      Oh, that’s awesome! It’s the most fun, being a creative person and getting entranced by color, right? Thank you Amy!

  36. Lori Spitzer

    Hi, Anne – You have outdone yourself for us! Wow – my eyes popped when I saw that argyle pattern in the background plus those gorgeous letters from Inna Alpha. You are a phenomenal crafter!
    Lori S in PA

    1. Anne

      Lori, that’s so nice of you! If I can give my fellow creatives some ideas then I’m happy. Thank you!!

  37. Patricia Coleman

    Stunningly beautiful card inspiration!! Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  38. Sharon Gullikson

    I really like how you added the flowers to the alphas. SO PRETTY

    1. Anne

      Thank you Sharon!!

  39. Gab

    This is gorgeous … that alpha is my favourite thing from this release

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much!!

  40. Vicki Davis

    I love the glitter gel background idea. So pretty shining through the flowers and letters. I managed to get a few new items ordered before they were gone. A beautiful card as always. Thanks! ?

    1. Anne

      Thank you so much Vicki!!

  41. Jeanne Beam

    Such a gorgeous card! Love the colors…
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Anne

      Thanks for coming by Jeanne!

  42. Mary Holshouser

    Love the framing of the words
    with the flowers peeking in from
    the outside of the card.
    Wonderful. thanks for sharing

    1. Anne

      I’m so glad you like it, thank you!!

  43. Lauryne Cunningham

    I love all the bright colors! So pretty!

  44. Beverly Borda

    I love your card…I didn’t know I needed alpha dies, stamps and stencils until this release!! Your card is fabulous!

    1. Anne

      Thank you so much Beverly!!

  45. Robin in TN

    Your card is beautiful! Thank you for showing us how the images look with the stamped. They are stunning.

    1. Anne

      Thank you Robin!!

  46. Tina

    This is so pretty, I love how you mixed the roses and peonies together and your added dimension.

    1. Anne

      Wonderful! Thanks Tina!

  47. Lisa Premo

    Ooh! Gorgeous colors and use of the new alpha stamps, dies and stencils!

  48. Sheri Kempke

    Thanks for sharing this gorgeous card!

    1. Anne

      My pleasure! Thank you for coming by Sheri!

  49. Kate OConnor

    So pretty.

  50. Mandhai

    Gorgeous card! Love it! I need that alphabet set! Its very beautiful how you used it!

    1. Anne

      Oh, thanks so much!!

  51. Denise Bryant

    Beautiful design and colors! I love the alpha!

  52. Ammie

    Amazing card! I love the florals and the textured background. . . and the colors! This is a stunner.

    1. Anne

      That’s so kind of you to say, thank you Ammie!

  53. Stacy Tiffin

    So pretty! Such a gorgeous mix of colors!

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much Stacy!

  54. Lisascreativeniche

    Gorgeous! Love the colors and layers on here!

    1. Anne

      Wonderful! Thanks Lisa!

  55. Anneleise Hampson

    Beautiful use of Color!

  56. Cheriese H

    gorgeous! I’m obsessed with these Alphas!!

    1. Anne

      They’re pretty special, thanks for coming by Cheriese!

  57. Karen B Walker

    So pretty! I need to save up so I can have that alpha, the stencils and the dies!

    1. Anne

      It’s so pretty, right? Thanks Karen!!

  58. Anne Sturgeon

    Really gorgeous and I love the stickles idea….always can use a little sparkle! Lovely colors too…

    1. Anne

      Thank you so much Anne!

  59. Jenny N

    Love the card you have created from this amazing release.

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