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Pinkfresh Studio December 2023 Press Plate Release

Hi everyone, and welcome! Pinkfresh Studio has a new collection available today; they’re introducing press plates! This metal plate can be inked up and, when run through a die machine with paper, will impress its design into the paper. Cotton and watercolor paper both work really well with the letterpress technique.

I spent a little getting-to-know-you time in my craft room with the new, super-pretty Ornate Trellis press plate! I could have made a card in every color but stopped at three. And I ended up using it in a way it wasn’t explicitly designed for; I used it as a hot foil plate.

*Now comes the warning: If you should decide to use a press plate as a hot foiling plate and accidentally foil the plate instead of your paper (I haven’t done it in a while, but it happens), you might no longer be able to use the press plate with ink. But I’m guessing at that, and I have not foiled any of my new press plates to find out. So… Please be careful out there!

I hot foiled on white cardstock with cobalt blue and pastel green. Then, I foiled on cream-colored cardstock with pastel orange. I was having fun with this charming trellis design and could have gone on, but I managed to stay focused and follow through with my three projects. 😊

I used the coordinating Ornate Trellis die with the blue design and popped it up with foam tape on a card base that included a panel of the reverse foil, made with the solid hot foil plate, as the background. For the pastel green and orange cards, I trimmed the foiled panels down just a bit and used fun foam to pop them up over cardstock card bases.

I foiled the sentiments, Favorite Things, as well with black foil. I used the super-handy coordinating die set to cut them out. With the peachy card, I foiled it onto cream-colored cardstock.

Then, I made a pile of vellum flowers to be placed on the card front as the background for my sentiments. I used the Brighter Days stamp, die sets, and white heat embossed onto vellum. I used Pinkfresh inks to color the back of the die-cut flowers, and when it was time to adhere them to my cards, I decided to include some Leafy Branches made from white cardstock.

I had fun choosing bling from Pinkfresh’s new clear drops for the mint and peach cards (Lilac and Blush), and I used Sapphire jewels for my cobalt blue card. And I was done!

I hope some of these design choices have inspired you to make something new today. Please let me know if you have any questions, I respond to all comments. Thanks so much for stopping by.


Anett Glelencser was just ahead of me in the hop order, and Carissa Wiley is next! Here is a link to the Pinkfresh Studio blog for the hop line-up. But before you go…


-Pinkfresh Studio is giving away the full release on the Pinkfresh blog & YouTube channel

-They will also give TEN $25  gift cards along the hop. As usual with blog hops – the winners will be picked from the comments.

The winners will be pulled and posted on December 19, 2023, on our GIVEAWAY PAGE. You must check that page & claim your prize within two weeks.

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  1. Kim Dokken

    The background plate is gorgeous. I look forward to creating with items from this release!

    1. Anne

      Hi Kim! Thanks so much!

  2. Michele F

    Anne, you are so kind to give that warning – I gave up on foiling long ago because I could never get the perfect results I’ve seen you achieve no matter what I did or didn’t do! lol
    Then along came Betterpress and I found perfect results right out of the gate – I’m so happy that Pinkfresh has brought their wonderful designs to the Betterpress world!
    Your cards are beautiful – that sentiment set is on my list!

    1. Anne

      Hi Michele! I appreciate that so much, Michele! You make such gorgeous cards! ❤️❤️❤️ I think the Betterpress technique might take me a little longer to master than hot foiling. But I thank you!

  3. Elaine Lozano

    Thank you so much for the tip on hot foiling. Appreciate you sharing your experience. The cards you designed are gorgeous and love the sentiment set!

    1. Anne

      Oh, I’m so glad you like them. Thank you Elaine!

  4. Emilee Hatfield

    I love all of Pinkfresh Studios backgrounds and this is no exception!! So excited to get this new set!

    1. Anne

      I hope you enjoy it! Thanks Emilee!

  5. Donna Phelan

    These are fabulous! Your backgrounds are soooooo beautiful! What wonderful products! FUN Release!

    1. Anne

      Hi Donna! Thank you!

  6. Kathryn remold

    I love that pressplate background! One of my favorites! Thanks for the warning about using the press plate and foiling. Good to know.

    1. Anne

      You’re welcome! And thank you! 😊

  7. LisaK

    Such lovely cards and I love the design of that press plate. Good to know about the foiling warning, thanks 🙂

    1. Anne

      You’re welcome! And thanks so much!

  8. Elaine Lozano

    Thank you for the tip on hot foiling. Sharing like that helps all us card makers. Great backgrounds using those plates!

    1. Anne

      Of course! Thank you, Elaine!

  9. Kathryn Gallanis

    What beautiful cards. Love the flowers with the BetterPress

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much for coming by, Kathryn!

  10. Kathy Eddy

    Oh My Goodness! These are so gorgeous!

    1. Angy Hughes

      Goodness gracious those vellum flowers over the trellis – Ah-Maz-ing. Stunning 😍

      1. Anne

        Ha! Thank you so much, Angy! 😊

    2. Anne

      Thank you! ❤️

  11. Jane Bachman

    Your use of the background press plates made wonderful cards. Thank you for the tip about being able to use them for foiling and also the warning! I may want to attempt their use in this manner, but will proceed with caution!💕

    1. Anne

      That’s just what I did! I love that they can be used as hot foiling plates, too. Thanks, Jane!

  12. Meghan Kennihan

    I adore these backgrounds! So elegant! Great colors!

    1. Anne

      Hi Meghan! Thank you!

  13. Laurie Black

    Beautiful cards! I love the vellum flowers.

    1. Anne

      Thanks, Laurie!

  14. Carrianne Banul

    Anne, your cards is simply Beautiful! Love the colors. I believe my favorite set is the Ornate Trellis and the My Favorite Sentiments for sure! I don’t have the better press but know what to ask Santa for this year. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Carrianne!

  15. MargieH

    A stunning set of cards! It’s nice to see them as foiled backgrounds so many ways to use these plates. Need to keep that warning in mind when doing so. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Karen Walker

    What a lovely way to use these new Betterpress plates! I would have to do a lot more foiling before I felt confident using the Betterpress plates–thanks for the heads up!

    1. Anne

      Hi Karen, you’re so welcome! Thanks for coming by!

  17. Karen Rogers

    These are gorgeous and to be honest the trellis would make an awesome hot-foil plate

    1. Anne

      I thought so! Thank you, Karen!

  18. Jewel Allen

    Love all the pretties – especially the fairytale press plate and the glitter paper!

  19. Tara Chaussee

    Wow! Love how soft and gorgeous all of the cards are against those bold backgrounds! Great advice too! Thanks!

    1. Anne

      Thanks for coming by, Tara!

  20. Laura McPherson

    Anne, your cards are stunning! I love the colors you chose and also the vellum flowers. Vellum is such an overlooked medium and I love that you used it with your beautiful cards. Thank you for the inspiration! It’s time to go play with my vellum!

    1. Anne

      I’m so glad you like them! Thank you, Laura!

  21. Barb Deichl

    I really like the colors you picked for your cards!

    1. Anne

      Oh, thanks Barb!

  22. Leigh

    Obsessed with the blue color way. Such great and creative work!

    1. Anne

      Thanks, Leigh!

  23. Jenny E

    Beautiful cards! I forget that the press plates can be used for hot foiling.

    1. Anne

      Thank you, Jenny!

  24. Ann-Marie Tumlinson Cunningham

    Those are stunning. I loved them.

    1. Anne

      Thank you so much!

  25. Debbie S. SCHENZ

    Beautiful cards!

  26. Kathy Witt

    Your card designs are inspiring! Absolute stunners! This is my favorite press plate of the release. I appreciate your encouragement with cautionary notes, here on your blog. Outstanding design, color, and technique.

    1. Anne

      That’s so kind of you, Kathy. Thank you!

  27. Pamela Rose

    I hesitated to purchase the Betterpress system, but decided to jump on the bandwagon and have not been dissapointed! As you have shown, this is such a lovely and versatile collection. Thank you for the warning about foiling…I am a messy crafter sooo I think I’ll skip that use 🙂

    1. Anne

      I totally get it! Thanks, Pamela!

  28. Candice L. Brill

    Great tips wonderful cards

    1. Anne

      Thanks, Candice!

  29. Suzann Anderson

    Very nice. Pretty colors.

  30. Sharon Gullikson

    You used my favorite new products. These look just beautiful

    1. Anne

      That trellis is so lovely, right?! Thank you, Sharon!

  31. Rosemary D

    Gorgeous set of cards. The foiled backgrounds are beautiful!

    1. Anne

      Hi Rosemary! Thank you!

  32. Suzette Thoeni

    So pretty! This plate is my favorite from this release.

    1. Anne

      If you work with flowers often, and I do, a trellis is an excellent addition to your stash. Thank you, Suzette!

  33. Lisa M

    I am so excited about this new release. If there would have been a “buy it all “ option….phew….it would have all gone in my cart with one click:) The fairytale plate is just stunning. Great job on this release. Love it

    1. Anne

      So glad you like it all! Thanks for coming by, Lisa!

  34. Romaine

    The background plate makes your cards gorgeous thanks

    1. Anne

      Thank you! 🩷

  35. Rae Kryc

    Stunning designs, as always!! I just adore your work!!

    1. Anne

      You’re super sweet! Thank you so much! 🩷😊

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much for coming by!

  36. Lynne Attix

    What lovely cards, Anne! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Anne

      Thanks, Lynne!

  37. Lauryne Cunningham

    Wow! I love these beautiful and unique designs! The vellum flowers you added look stunning!

  38. Mary Kay Ross

    So, so beautiful! I’m loving those backgrounds!

  39. Jeanne Beam

    Gorgeous cards! Love the backgrounds and colors.

    1. Anne

      Thanks Jeanne!

  40. Cynthia C.

    So pretty with the vellum flowers! I don’t think I’m brave enough to foil with press plates… but love that the BetterPress is so easy to use, I was inspired to cave by the peeks for this release!

    1. Anne

      The designs are pretty wether they’re foiled or pressed. I think you’ll have some fun!! Thanks for coming by Cynthia!

  41. Annette

    Love the use of vellum on your cards. It’s so soft and pretty. The background plate is gorgeous!😊

    1. Anne

      Oh, thanks so much, Annette! ❤️

  42. Luanne Ford

    I love the sentiment set. The new background plate makes these so nice!

    1. Anne

      Hi Luanne! Thank you!

  43. Jeanne Rice

    I love this press plate. Your cards are gorgeous.

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much, Jeanne!

  44. Nancy Walker

    I love the background plates. Your cards are beautiful.

    1. Anne

      Thank you, Nancy!

  45. Gayle Luker

    Those backgrounds are beautiful!

  46. Erin Wood

    This Ornamental Trellis Plate is so very pretty 😍

    1. Anne

      Thank you, Erin!

  47. Marisela Delgado

    Beautiful cards, BMJ! You’re awesome!

    1. Anne

      Hey, Mari! ❤️ You’re awesome too! Thank you. -BMJ

  48. Deborah Hellman

    Gorgeous cards.. love the soft colors, the added florals, and the new plates.

  49. Stacey Kowbel

    Beautiful cards! I love that you used the plates to foil too – great idea to stretch products!

  50. Anita

    Such beautiful cards. I really like the ornate plate. So pretty!

  51. Kelly Gulden

    Anne, I love all the dimension and texture in your cards, not to mention the wonderful color combos. This collection is a must-have! Thank you!

  52. Denise Bryant

    Awesome design and colors! I especially love the card with the die cut design!

  53. Quietgirl

    Soft and gorgeous! So glad to see you used them with foil!

  54. Mary-Anne V.

    Wow just love how you layered the flowers on these cards…so pretty.

  55. Sue D

    Pretty backgrounds and I like the use of vellum.

  56. roxanne tellini

    These are so pretty Anne. It is so surprising how different each one looks.

    1. Anne

      That’s so kind, thanks Roxanne!

  57. Ms. Tamp

    Great projects! I like the style for the flowers.

  58. Sarah Z.

    Beautiful cards! Good to know about the accidental foiling and letterpress….that is something I easily do!

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