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Hi everyone! I’m happy to be back up on the Pinkfresh blog today with a mini slimline card made with a couple of new releases from December: the Blanket Stitch Mini Slimline Rectangle die and the so pretty Cosmos Bunch design. The colors for this project were inspired by some new ribbon and string I had picked up with a lovely, frosty lavender shade that I also ended up including on my card.

I started by stamping the Cosmos Bunch image onto some white card stock with Rocky Slope, a lighter shade of gray. Then I took my stamped image out of the stamping platform, leaving the stamp in place, and used the Cosmos Bunch layering stencil set with Fresh Pear and Soft Lilac to lightly color in the greenery and large blooms. Then I used my color pencils to add some detail, darkening the color at the base of the leaves and the tips of the flower petals. I used a darker purple and yellow around the center of the flowers, though it can be hard to see. Then I decided that I wanted those sprays of small flowers to be boldly colored and used Pinkfresh’s Berrylicious.

When I was done coloring everything in I put the image back into the MISTI and stamped with Detail Black ink over the image. Then I set it aside to fully dry and pulled out the Blanket Stitch mini slimline to cut out a piece of white cardstock. I thought it might be fun to wrap the string and ribbon, that first inspired my color choices, around the blanket stitch die cut panel and decided that the stitch detail combined with the ribbon wrapping turned out so pretty!

I ended up cutting oddly shaped pieces of foam tape to fit in between the ribbon/string on the back of the die cut panel, to adhere it down to a lavender cardstock (Simon Says Stamp) base piece.

I happened to have a couple of baggies of previously hot foiled sentiments (kept separated by sentiment sets but in a drawer with other finished but unused pieces) in my stash already, and the red foil pops beautifully in coordination with those tiny flowers. 

After I die cut out my colored in Cosmos Bunch I decided that I wanted those lavender blooms to have some sparkle and used some of my favorite Stickles glitter gel. I just used my finger tips to spread it out from the middle of the bloom, making sure to leave the darker tips glitter free. Then I used more foam tape to pop it up over the white die cut panel, added the sentiment and a few silver pearls and was done.

I hope this has inspired you to make something new today, thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. Laura

    I love how unique this is! Also beautiful!

    1. Anne

      Oh my, I’m so glad you like it! I really ended up enjoying these colors together. Thanks so much for coming by Laura!!

  2. Marisela Delgado

    GOR-GEOUS! Girlfriend, no wonder I like you. Purple is my jam! It’s my absolute favorite color since forever and then add in a slimline…, mama, we got a WINNER! So beautiful, Anne. Girl, you always rock it! When I was a kid, there was a popular song called, “A Bad Ma’ama Jam’am.” (Ma’ama is ma’am with an “ugh” at the end. Same for ja’ama. It’s jam with an “ugh” at the end.) It’s for a strong, beautiful woman, who means business. You are a bad ma’ama ja’ama, my friend. You know how to rock these cards! You’re awesome!

    1. Anne

      Marisela, you must be supremely intuitive, I really needed a kind word today (I’ve been having a difficult week with my cardmaking, and have been beating myself up about it) and here you are. You made me laugh! (I love to laugh, I’ve never been in a sober moment that I couldn’t make awkward with an ill-timed joke.) And I couldn’t be happier that you like my card and stopped by to say so. Thank you so much my friend! -B.M.J.

  3. Marisela Delgado

    Hey, B.M.J. ? I love it! I think it’s important to embrace who you are because you are phenomenally talented. I think sometimes we focus on the negatives and insecurities until it’s all we see while the world sees the beauty and the good. If I may be so forward, but I grew up in a toxic environment. My parents and immediate family have always tried to convince me that I am no good, bad, evil, and just a horrible human being; everything about me is wrong or weird. Girl, I am 52 and my “family” still tries that game. Even though as a child the Lord allowed me to see that they were lying, I am still surprised when someone says something nice about me. I’m like, “What? Me?” haha haha I may be the only person on the planet (or in my “family”) who thinks this, but I am a pretty awesome and amazing person. I love who I am and what I have to offer the world. Okay, stuck up! ??? So, I understand what a kind word means although what I said to you is true and not just me being polite. You are a rock star! I am always happy to see your cards because I know that you always rock it! And you can take that to the bank, B.M.J. ? I hope that I didn’t share too much. Warm hugs from San Antonio, Texas.

  4. Anne

    There was no oversharing. I’m so sorry that you had a rough introduction to this world. And you are definitely not the only person on the planet who thinks you are awesome, when you can affect people around you in a positive way, that’s ALL that matters! Thanks for the reminder, Marisela. -B.M.J. (I’m 52 as well!)

    1. Marisela Delgado

      ? Aww, thanks, Anne. That’ sweet of you to say. I don’t know where you live, but stay warm! We’re sunny and warm, but, believe me, that can get annoying also. We do stay tan, though. ??? By the way, I sent you a message through your contact form a couple of days ago. I hope you got it. Sometimes my internet is very fickle. Stay sweet and never question or doubt your talent. You are amazing, B.M.J. Yay, we’re the same age! Too bad it’s 52. haha haha ??? If you ever come through San Antonio, let me know. We can meet for dinner or something. Warm hugs!

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