Pinkfresh Studio & My Sweet Petunia Co-Hop / Stamped and Water Colored Circle Cards

Pinkfresh Studio & My Sweet Petunia Co-Hop / Stamped and Water Colored Circle Cards

Hi Everyone! Welcome to your next stop on the Pinkfresh & My Sweet Petunia Co-Hop! You should have arrived here from Angelica’s post, Caly will be next and I’ll have links to both at the end of this article. And of course there is a giveaway involved, I’ll have details of that at the end too.

I decided to use my MISTI stamping platform to easily and quickly mass produce some thank you cards, it’s never a bad idea to have enough on hand. I started with seven pieces of Arches water color paper cut to 4 1/2 X 4 1/2. Then I went to my Pinkfresh ink pads and had some fun putting colors together, just picking colors that I thought might look good with each other. Keeping in mind that when I add water to the paper and stamp the colors will blend a little bit.

I spritzed the water color paper till it was just dampened and put it in the corner of the MISTI. I arranged the lovely wreath stamp, from Pinkfresh’s Floral Elements stamp set, face down on top of the paper and closed the lid of the MISTI to grab it.

Then I pulled out some finger daubers and my first combo of colors and started to randomly place ink down on the wreath stamp, not worrying at all about being careful. Now for the first 3-4 cards it remained random, after that I got the idea to put one color on the blooms and the other color on the leaves. And while I think I liked it better that way, I also think they all turned out pretty so I regret nothing.

When the color was down on the stamp, I very lightly spritzed a little on to the stamp to get the colors moving together, then pressed it down onto the damp paper. Now and again there would be an area that had stamped too cleanly, I just sprayed that area with a tiny bit more water to get the colors to spread out more. Then I cleaned the stamp and put another square of paper into the stamping platform and repeated the process till I had about seven stamped squares. (One of them just didn’t work out very well, so I ended up with six finalists.)

I left the stamp where it was in the MISTI and let the water colored cards dry, then they went back in so that I could heat emboss them with silver, gold or copper embossing powders. Then they were die cut and popped up with foam tape on to some circle die cut card stock, again just whatever color I thought worked best with each card. There was a lot of fun color mixing and matching going on!

I used a delicate thank you die to cut out a whole bunch of sentiments from various colored card stocks and all that was left was to add some fun bling! That’s always optional if you’re not a glittery/glimmer-y type of card maker.

I really hope that this has inspired you to make your own stack of quick and easy thank you cards, so that you feel ready to share a thank you at any time.

Pssst! Pinkfresh’s weekend sale gives the perfect excuse to pick up some fun colors to make this project with. Pinkfresh Studio is offering 15% off in-stock full size ink pads using the code INKPADS15. The code is valid from Friday, 8/7 at 7 am CST through Sunday, 8/9 at 11:59 pm CST.

The giveaway today will be $50 gift card! One from each company, chosen from comments left across the hop. The more comments left the better your chances of winning. The winners will be announced on Friday, August 14th, and will be posted on the MISTI blog, and on the Pinkfresh winners page.

Again, Angelica Conrad was just previous to me in the line up and Caly Person is next.

Thanks so much for coming by!!

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  1. Anne
    Michele F

    Beautiful, delicate, feminine, too! I never would have thought to use a dauber to add color – brilliant!

  2. Anne
    Patty A Eifert

    Pretty cards!! I definitely need to mass produce some thank you cards soon! That and Happy Birthday cards lol!

    1. Anne

      You can never have enough thank you cards! Thanks so much!

  3. Anne
    Jackie Parkins

    Beautiful! I love the soft effect the water gives to the colors on the stamp, very pretty.

  4. Anne
    Sara N

    Wow what cool cards! Love the water color effects!

  5. Anne
    Ann Hale

    Very unique and pretty card! I especially like the soft green and lavender version.

    1. Anne

      Oh, I love that mint card too, it get’s a little overrun by the bolder colors doesn’t it? Thanks for coming by Ann!

  6. Anne
    Cherry Robinson

    Hi Anne, I have never made a round card and now I am excited to give it a try after seeing all of your pretty cards. Thank you! 💗

    1. Anne

      Hi Cherry! I’m on a bit of a circle card craze right now, oh well the creative mind wants what it wants. Thank you so much!

  7. Anne

    so delicate, really pretty card!

  8. Anne
    Anneleise Hampson

    Wow your cards are beautiful- and your color choices are amazing. I had no idea that I could use water with the PInk Fresh inks. Gorgeous.

    1. Anne

      Oh sure! I like to take some Pinkfresh ink pads, smoosh them down on the lid of my stamping platform, spritz a little water and paint with it too. Thanks for coming by Anneleise!

  9. Anne
    Sharon Gullikson

    Oh wow, I have never thought to make a round card. VERY CLEVER

    1. Anne

      Sometimes you just want to work on something shaped a little differently, right? Thanks Sharon!

  10. Anne
    Gail Spresser

    Beautiful thank you notes. Love all the colors and the round cards. Thank you.

  11. Anne
    ck d

    Wow, gorgeous! I love making round cards.

    1. Anne

      Oh good, me too! Thanks so much!

  12. Anne

    Beautiful and delicate cards. Love the artsy look!

    1. Anne

      Hi Carol, thank you so much!

      1. Anne
        Marisela Delgado

        Absolutely gorgeous! Wow! Just stunning!

  13. Anne
    Avra Williams

    Beautiful tags!

  14. Anne
    Linda Gorman

    What a great idea!!! All of these thank you cards are beautiful ❤️

    1. Anne

      Oh good! Thank you so much Linda!!

  15. Anne
    Kelly Santi

    Now these are fun! I love the circles! So fun to see these on the hop – lovely wreath and all the different colors make a statement. Very art nouveau! TFS!

    1. Anne

      Yay! I’m so glad you liked them. Thank you Kelly!

  16. Anne
    Mary Kay

    I love these cards! So different, so beautiful, and the colors are amazing!!!

    1. Anne

      Wonderful! Thanks for coming by Mary!

  17. Anne
    Andre M.

    Such a sweet variety of palettes used on these gorgeous cards. Thanks for sharing this inspiration with these fun products.

    1. Anne

      Oh I had some fun with the colors! Thank you Andre!

  18. Anne
    Maria Valladares


  19. Anne
    Ummekulsum Kutub

    wow!!! These are just gorgeous. Those are such pretty colors and some amazing color combinations!

    1. Anne

      Excellent! I’m so glad you like them! Thanks!

  20. Anne
    Barbara Matthews

    Those thank you cards are so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Anne
    Jeanne Beam

    Such gorgeous cards! Love the colors and designs…
    Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Anne

      Thank you so much Jeanne!

  22. Anne
    Meghan Kennihan

    These are SOOO BEAUTIFUL! I love the various colors and the elegance!

    1. Anne

      That’s so kind of you. Thanks Meghan!

  23. Anne

    Wow what a beautiful card and I love how it is a circle instead of the norm.

  24. Anne
    Patricia Coleman

    Your cards are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing this technique and your creativity!!

    1. Anne

      Thank you so much Patricia!

  25. Anne

    Wow so gorgeous! Love this technique!!!

    1. Anne

      There’s no anxiety involved, no precision, you just smoosh the color down anywhere. I had fun with this. Thanks for coming by Angie!

  26. Anne

    I love how the MISTI lets you stamp again … the embossing really makes them pop

    1. Anne

      Thanks for coming by Stef!

  27. Anne
    Anushree Vaish

    These are just so beautiful…! Thanks for the inspiration !!

    1. Anne

      I’m glad you like them, thanks Anushree!

  28. Anne
    Julie Wexler

    A beautiful way to showcase the power of the Misti when mass producing, while also demonstrating gorgeous the PFS ink colors as you varied them across the cards. You’ve inspired me to set aside time for my own play-date with a favorite stamp, fun color combos, and my misti! Thanks so much and stay safe!

    1. Anne

      That’s wonderful! Thank you Julie!!

  29. Anne
    Dorothy A

    I think your thank you cards are beautiful. I love the watercoloring combined with embossing. VERY inspirational!

    1. Anne

      Oh great! That’s the best, to feel inspired to create pretty stuff! Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment Dorothy!

  30. Anne
    Giselle D.

    I love the soft, delicate colours! I never would have thought to emboss after I stamped the colours but it makes sense if you want a watery feel. Beautiful!

    1. Anne

      Thank you so much Giselle!

  31. Anne
    Allie L

    I’ve never tried circle cards, but these have me running ti the craft room to give it a try!

    1. Anne

      That’s great! Thanks Allie!

  32. Anne
    Christine Miller

    What a lovely collection of cards. I so enjoy stamping wreath images, and you have used these in so many beautiful color combinations!

    1. Anne
      Candace Hendrick

      Love the idea of making the card shape different and it works really well having it as a circle with those floral wreaths. Gave me the impression of lace.

  33. Anne

    Beautiful. Love that wreath.

    1. Anne

      Oh yes. I think that wreath is lovely! Thanks for coming by Pam!

  34. Anne
    Debbie Selby

    I like your array of thank you cards. It is fun to just try out different colour combinations when you are making multiple cards.

  35. Anne
    Alison N

    I love the idea of the round cards and beautifully colored! So inspiring!

  36. Anne
    Alison N

    I love the idea of the round cards! So exciting. Definitely want to give it a try!

    1. Anne

      Hi Alison! I’m so glad you like them!

  37. Anne
    Julie A Williams

    What beautiful and unique cards – they really stand out!!

    1. Anne

      Oh! That’s great! Thank you Julie!!

  38. Anne
    Helen F

    What a wonderful set of cards, Anne! Gorgeous colour combinations!I love to see how different they look using different colour ways! They would make a wonderful gift!! Thanks so much for the great inspiration! Take care! 🙂

    1. Anne

      Thank you so much Helen!

    1. Anne

      I’m so glad you like them!

  39. Anne
    Fonda Rush

    These round cards are so cute!

  40. Anne

    This is exactly why I’d love a misti! Your mass produced thank you cards are lovely. Leaving the stamp in your misti for a second layer of embossing was a nice final touch.

    1. Anne

      Great! Thanks Kaitlyn!

  41. Anne
    Carol G

    Your cards are so beautiful! And so creative with the circle cuts and vellum!

  42. Anne
    Leslie Lescalleet

    very pretty, nice idea circle card

  43. Anne
    Leslie Lescalleet

    very pretty, nice idea circle card, i like different shapes

  44. Anne
    Cindy Coe

    Amazing inspiration and gorgeous cards. Each color combination is amazing.

  45. Anne
    Mirella Rogan

    Wow, these are absolutely wonderful! Love your collection!

  46. Anne
    Maureen T

    Beautiful! Thanks for showing so many different looks you can achieve with the same set

  47. Anne
    Beverly Trabanello

    I love wreaths. I like how they all look different.

  48. Anne
    Valerie Bullock

    Anne – I think all the cards turned out beautiful!! I appreciate your describing how you achieved the results so that I might give this a go!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much Valerie!

  49. Anne
    Joanne M Hoffmann

    LOVE that you mass produced cards but each one just a bit different! Beautiful collection of very pretty cards!

  50. Anne

    Cute and different card -Thanks for sharing.

  51. Anne
    Alaine Tanner

    These are so pretty. I love the idea of a round card

  52. Anne

    I love these beautiful unique cars!

  53. Anne

    Really stunning cards! Thanks for going through your design process. I must try this technique and I also love the idea of circle cards. Thank you!

    1. Anne

      Wonderful! Thank you Vicki!

  54. Anne
    Mary Holshouser

    Beautiful cards. So many different colors ways
    thanks for sharing txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  55. Anne

    Wreaths are another thing I love! These are so pretty!

  56. Anne
    Carmela Hubler

    These are so pretty. Love all the different designs.

  57. Anne
    Mary Ann Merrill

    I never think to make circular cards. Thanks for the reminder.

  58. Anne
    Raina Astras

    Wow, I love to have plenty of thank you cards on hand, beautiful job.. they are all so different.

  59. Anne

    Very pretty and gorgeous cards. I never thought of making a circular card especially since I like wreaths. I love your circular cards. Thank you very much for the great ideas and technique.

  60. Anne

    Love your card design! So much inspiration here…I wanna go play!

  61. Anne

    You are correct, can never have enough thank you cards

  62. Anne
    Margarita Navarro-Rivera

    Great cards! Using the dauber is a great idea!

  63. Anne

    These cards look really amazing! I love the idea of combining water coloring with heat embossing. Looks really great.

  64. Anne
    Laurie Fleuette

    Gorgeous cards! I love the beautiful yet playful feel of these cards. Thanks for sharing.

  65. Anne
    Kari VanNoy

    These are beautiful!! I love your watercoloring and colors…and that thank you die is perfection!

  66. Anne

    In love with these cards! The embossing is just gorgeous and I love the wreath. So pretty!

  67. Anne

    Shaped cards are always a refreshing change.

  68. Anne
    Janelle H.

    Lovely effect…Random looks good! Thanks for the inspiration.

  69. Anne
    Karen T

    Very nice

  70. Anne
    Gail Davidson

    These are gorgeous. I often forget to make different sized and shaped cards. The MISTI is just made for mass producing too!

  71. Anne
    Lisa Elton

    So lovely and feminine! What a great way to add color!

  72. Anne
    Julie Urban

    Beautiful thank you cards! Glorious details.

  73. Anne
    Karen Lindsay

    Pretty thank you cards! No I think I need that stamp set too! 🙂

  74. Anne
    Brenda Aplin

    Cute cards… I enjoyed seeing circle cards something different..

  75. Anne

    Nice delicate cards. Nice.

  76. Anne

    Beautiful cards, love how you used the daubers to apply the ink and then did wet on wet definitely need to try this!

  77. Anne
    Denise Bryant

    These are just beautiful! So delicate and such pretty colors! Great use of the MISTI to make these sweet cards!

  78. Anne
    Karen Walker

    Just lovely!!!

  79. Anne

    Love the idea of circle cards!

  80. Anne
    Helen Schneiderman

    Those thank yous are just beautiful! Using the daubers was a great way the color up a bunch of the wreaths. They’re all so delicate and unique. Thank you for sharing your process

    1. Anne

      I’m so glad you like them, thanks Helen!

  81. Anne
    Cheryl H

    Oh that’s brilliant! They’re all so beautiful!

  82. Anne
    Lauryne Cunningham

    Your cards are beautiful! You’ve inspired me to create some round cards- love them!

  83. Anne
    Kathy Mc

    These are all gorgeous and enjoyed reading your process. Fun designs and great idea to mass produce.

  84. Anne

    I love your round cards! So delicate & pretty!

  85. Anne

    Very beautiful!

  86. Anne
    Cyndi Morris

    I love those cards. If I ever received a thank you card that beautiful, I’d want to send a thank you card in return!

    1. Anne

      Ha! That’s awesome! There’d be a never ending circle of “Oh no, thank YOU.” going on. Thanks Cyndi!

  87. Anne
    Michelle Peckham

    Gosh these are so pretty! I love that you made circle cards! Great reminder to try something different.

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much Michelle!

  88. Anne
    Stephanie Ferreira

    Your circle cards are wonderful and you are so creative. Thanks for the info on The process in using the Misti.

  89. Anne

    Oooh, la-la! Beautiful fancy cards! Love that you stepped out of the rectangle box for your cards!
    Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Anne

      Oooo la-la! I love it! Thanks Kelly!

  90. Anne
    Sandra Swayze

    Thanks for sharing!

  91. Anne

    Mass producing unique and beautiful cards! Very inspirational.

  92. Anne

    Wow! What a thank you cards, quite unique! Love them!

  93. Anne
    Jenny N

    Unique and beautiful thank you cards, love your work.

  94. Anne
    Lori Lehnen

    Love all of them but especially the Purple since it’s my favorite color.
    Thanks for sharing, just beautiful!

  95. Anne
    Jodi Bizeau

    Love this set of cards! Love that they are circular! TFS

  96. Anne
    Kim Salito

    Great cards, so delicate.

  97. Anne
    Kathy P.

    Wow! Who wouldn’t love to get any one of those beautiful thank you cards in their happy mail! Love your colorings.

    1. Anne

      Yay! Thanks so much Kathy!

  98. Anne
    Eva N

    Very pretty thank you cards. I like your idea of randomly coloring the wreath. I use realistic colors on my flowers, but think the random colors actually look better in this type of design.

  99. Anne
    Carol E. Wortman

    Awwwwwwe, soooooo pretty! They are way too delicate and dainty to have been sprayed, daubed and schmooshed. I thought how beautiful they would be for Christmas tags., gez’ the tag would be a gift also… I love these. That’s the perfect project for the Misti!!! Organic yet controlled! Beautiful!

    1. Anne

      Oh my gosh Carol, thank you so much! I’m so glad you like them, these were definitely so fun to make.

  100. Anne
    Mary-Anne V.

    Wow these cards are so pretty and the detail is just amazing.

  101. Anne
    Mary Reiner

    You created some lovely thank you cards! Thank YOU for sharing!

    1. Anne

      Hi Mary! You’re very kind, thank you.

  102. Anne
    Susan McRae

    Wow, these are so pretty! Amazing how different a card can look depending on the colors used!

    1. Anne

      Wonderful! Thanks for coming by Sue!

  103. Anne
    Lucy E.

    I love these delicate looking shape cards!
    Love all of the colors!

    1. Anne

      Thank you so much Lucy!

  104. Anne
    Jan Metcalf

    You will have a unique tag for everyone, in their favorite color!

  105. Anne
    Sheila graber

    I love these hops. So many beautiful cards and helpful tips. I’m just getting started so appreciate seeing so many beautiful artists. Thank you

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