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Pinkfresh Studio September 2023 Ink Release

Hi everyone, and welcome to your next stop on the Pinkfresh Studio September 2023 Ink Release blog hop! Today, we have an array of new ink colors from Pinkfresh Studio! I can’t tell you how excited I was that they were finally here! It was difficult to choose, but I decided for this first project (PFS has a new release IG hop tomorrow, 9/30/2023, with more inspiration!) to use their new family of greens called Green Gables, with a previously released design, the Songbirds on branches stamp, stencil, and die for a lovely holiday card.

This design makes a beautiful Spring/Summer card with the birds and the blooms, but I decided to use the new greens: Sage, Eucalyptus, Spruce Tips, and Lush Forest to make it more seasonal. I think this family of ink colors is a beautiful shade for Autumn and Winter cards. To help make it more holiday-ish, I combined the green with PSF’s bold red inks (Heartbeat), some splatter for snow, and a lovely seasonal sentiment.

I started with an 8 1/2 X 5 1/2 inch panel of heavyweight white cardstock and used a pencil to outline a large A2-sized rectangle die to ombre ink up the space without getting ink build-up on the cut edges of my topping panel. It’s just something I’ve been doing lately. I don’t want that darker ink on the edges. I blended Pinkfresh’s previously released Sky Blue, Summer Shower, Seaside, and a very little Storm onto the panel with a space left for the sentiment. Then, I decided to go over it lightly with Misty Coast and Rocky Slope to make that blue sky more wintery. When I was done blending colors, I cut out a 4 1/4 X 5 1/2 in. panel and splattered it with white acrylic paint. Then, I set it aside to dry.

I stamped the Songbirds on Branches stamp onto more white cardstock with light gray ink, leaving the stamp in the platform because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to finish my image. I used Passion Fruit, Berrylicious, and Candy Apple for the birds and the new Sage, Eucalyptus, Spruce Tips, and a tiny bit of Lush Forest to bolden those winter-green leaves. I used the new, super sweet orange inks on the blooms: Sunkissed and Mimosa. I can’t wait to try the two darker inks of that family, Mango Sorbet and Fruit Punch! Before I die-cut out the branches, I put my image back into the stamping platform and stamped with Detail Black to bring out the detail of the image. Then I splattered some “snow” on them.

After everything was dry, I die-cut it all out and started arranging the branches on my card to figure out exactly where I wanted to place the stamp. I used a sentiment from the Winter Berries Frame stamp set. Then I gently curved the doubled-up branches using a wide-barrelled brush. There’s lots of fun dimension on this card. I had a hard time getting a photo that showed it. Then, I used glue on the parts that touched the card and adhered everything down. I added a sprinkle of Glacier White jewels and was done.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them. I hope some of these design choices have inspired you to make something new today. Thanks so much for stopping by!


Previous to me was Andrea Moritz, and next in the hop order is Carissa Wiley! Here is a link to the Pinkfresh blog to see the whole line-up.


-Pinkfresh Studio is giving away the full release on the Pinkfresh blog & YouTube channel

-They will give away a total of FIVE $25 gift cards along the hop. The winners will be picked from the comments.

The winners will be pulled and posted on October 9, 2023, on our GIVEAWAY PAGE. You must check that page & claim your prize within two weeks.

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  1. Avra Williams

    Beautiful birds! I love those reds!

    1. Anne

      Thanks, Avra! ?

  2. Donna Phelan

    Gorgeous card…..beautiful greens! Am loving the new names!

    1. Anne

      Hi Donna! Thank you! (I’m not sure who comes up with the names, but I think they’re clever too!)

  3. Gretchen M.

    Stunning! Reds are so awesome!!

    1. Marie Perkins

      Beautiful card! Loving these colors.

  4. Stephanie B

    Wow, what a perfect Christmas card! Or any occasion, but I’d use it for Christmas for sure! Gorgeous colors!

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much, Stephanie! ❤️

      1. JoAnne Rebello

        This is gorgeous. Your blending is seamless.

        1. Anne

          Oh, I’m so glad you like it!

  5. Elise Sosa

    So pretty! Plus I love the color combination you used for the birds!

    1. Anne

      Wonderful! Thanks so much!

  6. Debbie Titus

    Beautiful bright card❤️

  7. Pam

    Your coloring is stunning. Beautiful color.

  8. Donna Moran

    What an absolutely gorgeous card! So glad I have the Songbirds on Branches- now I just need my new ink order to arrive!!!

    1. Anne

      Hi Donna! Thank you so much! ?

  9. Lisa Harmon Cox

    I love the birds! The colors are so vibrant. Pinkfresh has knocked it out of the park with this one!❤️

  10. Joanne McC

    LOVING the new greens! Can’t wait to get my new cubes. The 72 cube holder is fantastic!

    1. Anne

      Sounds great! Thanks for coming by Joanne!

  11. Mary Holshouser

    We have lots of cardinals in this area.
    Love how they seem to be interacting.
    Beautiful coloring. Wonderful card.
    thanks for sharing.

    1. Anne

      Thank you, Mary!

  12. Deborah Hellman

    Beautiful card and colors ?

  13. Kellianne

    Anne, this card is so STUNNING. I love everything you did with it! And I also want to tell you that your photo layout looks so nice! I’m glad you were in this hop so I could find your talent. Definitely going to follow?

    1. Anne

      Oh, that’s so kind of you to say. Thank you, Kellianne!

  14. Barb Deichl

    I love the new colors. Your card highlights them perfectly! So Pretty!

    1. Anne

      Thank you so much, Barb!

  15. Sonya Marin

    Adorable card!

  16. Debbie Frank

    Gorgeous, Anne! The songbirds just shine with the new colors! ???

  17. Meghan Kennihan

    I LOVE the ink colors! So rich and bright! Gorgeous sky and birds!

    1. Anne

      Thank you, Meghan!

  18. AmyG

    The card design is beautiful with wonderful colors.

  19. Jane Bachman

    This card is stunning! I love your use of the new PFS inks!

  20. Kathy T.

    I love this bright card.

    1. Anne

      Great! Thank you!

  21. Heather Seeley

    So beautiful and amazing. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Anne

      Hi Heather! Thanks so much!

  22. Jeri

    Beautiful, love your use of color. Nice job!

    1. Anne

      Thank you so much, Jeri!

  23. Andre M.

    Gorgeous blends for the birds, leaves and florals, this is such a beautiful layout and card.

    1. Anne

      Oh, thanks so much Andre!


    ABSOLUTE loving this release inspiration HOP! Gorgeous and inspiring = MUST have ink colors!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely talents!

    1. Anne

      Thanks for coming by, Kimberly!

  25. Jeanne Turner

    Your shading on the birds is exquisite. Lovely card!

  26. Lisa McDonald

    I couldnt be more thrilled and this was SOOOO worth the wait. Thank you for making them perfect and gorgeous. I cant wait to get all the new goodies! Xoxo

    1. Anne

      Yay! Thanks for stopping by, Lisa!

  27. Louise S

    Your ombré background leaving an area not blended for the sentiment is impactful and I am going to try that! The colors and added details on this card are inspired and so beautiful.! Thank you.

    1. Anne

      Oh, wonderful! Thanks so much Louise!

  28. Sandy Knecht

    Well done. Love the birds.

  29. Connie Hart

    Those images pop off if the page with that blue background! I love it

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much for coming by, Connie!

  30. kathleen dumpert

    I like your use of color.

    1. Anne

      Thanks for coming by!

  31. Melissa Leftrick

    Beautiful card! I love the sweet birds!

    1. Anne

      Thank you, Melissa!

  32. Samantha Pfrimmer

    Gorgeous bird card! I love your color choices!

  33. Retta Lutte

    What a happy card! So bright and beautiful!

  34. Angy Hughes

    Such sweet lovely birds! Such a pretty card

    1. Anne

      Wonderful! Thank you!

  35. Carmela Hubler

    Beautiful card, Anne! Love the cute birds!

  36. Bunny Hoyle

    Very pretty. I love the blue on this festive card.

  37. Leslie Miller

    Love the background blending and the pop of the red birds!

    1. Anne

      Great! Thanks Leslie!

  38. Laurie Black

    Gorgeous card, beautifully colored!

    1. Anne

      Thank you, Laurie!

  39. Nabile

    Beautiful card and gorgeous colors!

    1. Anne

      Thank you so much!

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much! ❤️

  40. Joan Fowler

    LOve the use of the birds and the colours you chose.

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much, Joan!

  41. Eulanda Silvey

    I’ve always loved this set but it sure pops with those reds you’ve used. Stunning!! TFS!!

    1. Anne

      Thank you, Eulanda!

  42. JulieV

    Great inspiration thanks for sharing

  43. Ann Ito

    Beautiful card! Love the red birds!

  44. Sue Walborn

    Beautiful colors!

  45. Pamela Rose

    Such a lovely card. Your cardinals just pop off the card.

  46. Mendy Crumpton

    Love your card, makes me think of my mama, she loved birds.

    1. Anne

      My Mom too! Thanks Mendy!

  47. Kati Caprara

    Those red birds are just gorgeous against the blue sky and among the branches with green leaves!! I can’t wait to play with these new colors!!

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much, Kati!

  48. Kathy Salido

    Stunning card

    1. Anne

      Thank you, Kathy!

  49. Mary Kay Ross

    Beautiful card! Those colors are so, so pretty!

  50. Amy

    Beautiful card…the new colors are wonderful

  51. Debbie S. SCHENZ

    Love your card with the red birds! I love watching birds go back and forth to their feeders here at my home! Love the color choices.

    1. Anne

      Thank you so much, Debbie!

  52. Lynn Chan

    Beautiful card! 🙂

  53. Ann Celino

    Very pretty cards. The new colors are so vibrant on your design!

    1. Anne

      Wonderful! Thank you!

  54. Amy Cooley

    This is a lovely holiday card! The blue background really makes everything pop.

  55. Jeanne Rice

    Beautiful card. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Anne

      Thanks for coming by, Jeanne!

  56. LeAnne L

    Great card with the punch of red of the birds.

  57. LeAnn Wiesert

    Really appreciate you calling out the curving of the elements to create movement. Looked closer, and I can see this card standing up, looking super stunning with all that dimension. Thanks for the idea!

    1. Anne

      Oh, I’m so glad you like it. Thanks so much LeAnn! ?

  58. Suzette Thoeni

    So stunning! Gorgeous colors!

  59. Mandi Chau

    Beautiful card and beautiful new colors combo. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much, Mandi!

  60. Mona Sen

    Lovely project!

    1. Anne

      Thank you, Mona!

  61. Susan McL

    Cardinals are my favorite! Beautiful cards using beautiful colors!

    1. Anne

      Wonderful! Thanks for coming by!

  62. Colleen Jo Howell

    Love this card, my mother always had a red cardinal on the Christmas tree. Something we carry on since her death.

    1. Anne

      I’m so glad you like it. Thank you, Colleen! ❤️

  63. susan babcock

    Adding the Mimosa and SunKissed inks really freshens up a holiday card, a modern twist. Very pretty.

    1. Anne

      Hi Susan! Thank you!

  64. Patricia McMurrat

    I love the birds and colors of this card. Beautiful!

    1. Anne

      Great! Thanks Patricia!

  65. Barbara Campbell

    Amazing scene that you have created showing off the colors of green, blue and red. I aodre the new names of the colors.

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much, Barbara!

  66. Jeanne Beam

    Beautiful card! Love the colors.
    Thanks for sharing.

  67. Kathy Eddy

    Love this card! Your ink blending is lovely!

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much, Kathy!

  68. Danelle

    Great ideas and love composition

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much! ?

  69. Gina McClellan

    Beautiful layout!

  70. Lisa Heimiller

    Very pretty. I love the touches of orange.

    1. Anne

      Thank you, Lisa!

  71. Isabel Z


  72. Jenna Chapman

    Such a beautiful wintery card. The color combination is really lovely.

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much for coming by!

  73. Jackie S

    Such a lovely card.

  74. Ruth Gauss

    I wish I could walk through the beautiful scene you created for this card! I love the colors you chose and how you treated your ink blending!

    1. Anne

      So kind! Thank you, Ruth!

  75. Cristina C.

    Beautiful card, and I am in love with those new green shades!

    1. Anne

      Wonderful! I love them too! Thanks Cristina!

  76. Lori Spitzer

    Dear Anne –
    YAY for you!!! You get a gold star for combining previous items from PF with the new.
    YAY for all of us!! NEW INKS FROM PF!!!!!
    Yay me me!! I am loving this hop! You ROCK!
    Lori S in PA

    1. Anne

      Hi Lori! Thank you so much! ❤️

  77. Denise Bryant

    I love the beautiful branches and birds! Lovely cards with these gorgeous colors! Awesome new ink colors!

  78. Karen Walker

    It’s a beautiful card, and I do appreciate the time you took to write out the detailed description of your process. I particularly liked the idea of ink blending a larger piece of cardstock and then cutting it down. Great idea!

    1. Anne

      Oh, wonderful! I’m so glad you liked it!

  79. Christine Rendon

    Absolutely beautiful! The cardinal bird was my Mom’s favorite when she was alive!

    1. Anne

      Thanks for coming by, Christine!

  80. lee

    So very lovely! Worth all that effort of layering!!

  81. Janice Schrimpf

    Such a beautiful card!

  82. Diane Zalusky

    Love you card, so pretty

    1. Anne

      Thank you so much, Diane!

  83. Lisa

    Those red birds are so vibrant! Lovely card!

  84. Carol


  85. Karen Baldwin


  86. Lauryne Cunningham

    Wow! This card is so beautiful!

    1. Anne

      Thank you Lauryne!

  87. Rae Kryc

    Your card is absolutely stunning!! Bold and beautiful!!

    1. Anne

      That’s so kind of you to say, thank you!

  88. Cynthia Baldwin

    Lovely card! My favorite part is the subtle shades of blues for the background. It sets off the red birds beautifully!

    1. Anne

      Thank you, Cynthia!

  89. Sherri K

    Great colors and a beautiful card.

  90. Gail Spresser

    Wonderful birds card! Thanks for sharing!

  91. Migdalia Rodriguez

    Such an Elegant card!! Very Beautiful too!

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much for coming by! ?

  92. Mary-Anne V.

    Love how those red birds stand out against the blue sky. Gorgeous.

  93. Sue D

    So pretty with these birds and love the colors.

  94. Stacy Tiffin

    Beautiful cards! I love the vibrant colors and that red bird is gorgeous!!!

    1. Anne

      Thank you so much, Stacy!

  95. Sheri Kempke

    Beautiful card–I love those birds! Such gorgeous new inks from Pinkfresh!

  96. Ms. Tamp

    Wonderful design share. I like the background blend.

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