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Sunburst Circle Cards

Hi guys! I’m on Pinkfresh’s blog today with a couple of circle cards that I made with the new Layered Sunburst stencil set, for easy eye-catching drama. I have to confess to you that this session of paper crafting quickly turned into a couple of hours of “lets play with my Pinkfresh inks and see what happens!”

I decided that if I used a circle die (or square, or heart, or star…) with this dramatic sunburst I could more easily control where the “burst” in the stencil design would be positioned. I started with 2 pieces of Neenah white card stock cut to 4 1/4 X 5 1/2 to ink my design onto.

For my New Years card I used Ballet Slipper and Coral Reef with stencil no. 1. The lighter color was applied further out from the center and the darker shade, Coral Reef, was blended closer to the middle. For the second stencil of the set I used Soft Lilac on the outer perimeter of the rectangle and Candy Violet in the center. This is a 3 stencil set so I ended up using some silver glitter gel with the third stencil. I set that aside to dry and went to work on card number two.

I repeated the pattern of using two shades for each layer of stencil, lighter on the outside and darker closer to the middle. For my “love you” card it was again Ballet Slipper and Coral Reef, then Peach Fuzz and Apricot with the second stencil. And because these were warmer shades I used some gold glitter gel instead of silver with the third. The stencils are designed so that some of the rays of ink will layer on top of each other just slightly, combining, adding some additional color and interest to the final design. So pretty! 

I die cut out circles from the finished inked panels using Pinkfresh’s  Diagonal Stitched Circles, and adhered them to another slightly larger die cut circle to frame it. I used Heather Lowercase die set for my celebratory 2021 sentiment, and Thin words: Everyday script die set for that pretty, scripty “love you”.

Extra bling was unnecessary with all that glitter gel working away, I did actually attempt it but it was just too much and I had to take them off. All that was left was to score another die cut circle about an inch down from the top, and adhere that top part to the back of my card to finish it off.

I hope some of these design choices have inspired you to make something new today! Thank you so much for coming by!

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  1. Boryana

    These cards are gorgeous, Anne!! The colors, the sparkle: so pretty!

    1. Anne

      Hi Bory! I really did just sit down and color for awhile, those are good days. Thank you soooo much Bory!

  2. Rachel Jolley

    So gorgeous! ?⭐️?

    1. Anne

      Thanks so much, Rachel!!

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