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Layering With Patterned Paper

This one is pretty straightforward, I used up some pattern paper that I’ve been hoarding, from Bobunny’s “Black Tie Affair”. Unfortunately it’s not available anymore and I’ve had a hard time finding a collection of black and white patterned paper that I really like. I don’t know why hoarding gets a bad rap. Ha!

The Happy Birthday sentiment die is from Simon Says Stamp, and it really helped me to decide that I wanted the card to be landscape orientation rather than portrait. It’s just about 5 1/4 inches long, and I loved that long sweeping look.

I used two sheets of patterned paper, (some green specialty paper and a big strip of black card stock) all adhered onto white card stock for the base. I had to cut each sheet of paper horizontally in the middle then reverse one side to get the design to “radiate” from the center of the card. I like how the strip of solid black paper in the middle moves to a black piece of paper with white design, then moves to a white piece of paper with black design then to white card stock for the card base. The pop of green was added to make it a little more interesting to look at. And the sequin confetti is from Studio Katia, Crystal Clear Confetti.

I hope that this inspires you to make something new today. Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Sphoorti

    This card is gorgeous! I like it so much! Especially the pop of green on black! I’m so inspired, I’ll try this with the supplies I have. Thank you for the inspiration, Anne!

  2. Anne

    Oh, Yay! That’s awesome! Sometimes you just find some pretty paper and want the card to be about that. Thank you so much for leaving a note Sphoorti!

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